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USAOCR National Championship Bids

The following information details requirements to host USAOCR National Championships. Hosts may include cities, states, governmental, non-governmental, non profit or commercial organizations, or a combination of these.

If you are an event producer, your race director and management team will ultimately produce the events with support from USAOCR. Sanctioned and recognized championships may qualify athletes for various International Championships, including the Pan American Championships.

Non-Owned National Championship Bids

USAOCR will consider requests for proposals to host 2018 USAOCR Non-Owned National Championships. The race director and their management team will produce the event with support from USAOCR as outlined below. Most of these championships will qualify athletes for 2019 OSF Continental and World Level Events, such as the Pan American Championships, World Cups and World Championships.

Event Backgrounds

With support from USAOCR, the race director is fully responsible for producing their respective event. The race director will have a dedicated contact at USAOCR who will guide them through the production process: signing the Memorandum-of-Understanding to the awards ceremony.

The following events are available for race directors to bid on: Sprint (~3 km), International Distance (~5 km), Standard Distance (~15 km), Long Distance (~25 km), Ultra Distance (~40 km), time limited events (for example 24 hour), Obstacle Races, Functional Fitness and Obstacle Adventure Races. These will qualify athletes for their respective International Championships.

Event Host Considerations

To be considered to host a USAOCR National Championship races, race directors and their existing events must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be a current USAOCR Certified Race Director in good standing or must apply for and be approved as a USAOCR Certified race Director.
  • The event must be a USAOCR sanctioned event, or must apply for and be approved as such.
  • The selected event will be required to ensure that the event produces a "national championship-caliber atmosphere." That means that the participants must feel they are competing in the highest level of their respective field in the country at your event. USAOCR will provide support to ensure this effort is successful. (More details below).

Marketing Expectations

Events awarded a national championship designation must adhere to these minimum marketing requirements set by USAOCR. Selected events will receive a manual with detailed requirements.

  • The USAOCR National Championship designation must be clearly identified, using the supplied National Championship logo on event applications, marketing materials, awards, clothing, in television specials/videos, etc.  
  • At a minimum, the USAOCR National Championship logo and verbiage must appear on both the front page and registration page of the event website. Both the logo and verbiage must be removed from the event website at the end of the designation year. 
  • All media used to advertise and market the event must state you are hosting a USAOCR National Championship and if the race qualifies athletes for Team USA, it needs to be advertised and marketed as a Team USA qualifier.
  • USAOCR has the prerogative to send branded USAOCR signage.
  • Event organizer will allow USAOCR sponsor signage to be displayed at the event unless there is a conflict of interest.
  • Race directors must adhere to the USAOCR Logo Usage Guidelines for USAOCR National Championships.
  • Race directors are encouraged to post a start list on their event website prior to the event to allow racers to view who they will be racing against in their age group. The list must be broken down by age groups.
  • Race management is required to make USAOCR specific announcements during the race in conjunction with the other race announcements. A short script of potential announcements will be provided. The race must be introduced as a USAOCR National Championship event.

How to Apply

If your organization is interested producing a championship event, please email your proposal and include the following information:

  • The event discipline(s) and distance(s)
  • Location(s)
  • Date(s)
  • Specific race information if you are a race producer
  • Race director information
  • Any other parties of interest, including sponsors, advertisers
  • ​Existing or planned media coverage

For questions about the process or specific national championship designations, please contact the National Events Department: sanctioning@usaocr.org.