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Competition Rules

United States Obstacle Course Racing Competition Rules held on this website is the official (authorized) reference document and is maintained based on authorized amendments in accordance with recommendations by the USAOCR Technical Committee and accepted by the USAOCR Board of Directors. 

USAOCR is the sole governing body, responsible for Competition Rules for Obstacle Course Racing and it’s related Sports in the United States. The full competition rules can be viewed or printed from the link at the bottom of the page.


  1. The USAOCR Technical Committee (USA OCRTC) will ensure technical aspects of USAOCR petitions are of the highest quality;
  2. The USAOCR Competition Rules specify the conduct and behavior of athletes during USAOCR competitions.
  3. The USAOCR Event Organizers' Manual and it's related documents set safety and logistical standards for hosting USAOCR sanctioned events and for the Local Organizing Committees (LOCs);
  4. The USAOCR Technical Officials’ (USA OCRTO) Certification Program sets the standards for certifying USAOCR Technical Officials


USAOCR Competition Rules are intended to:

  • create an atmosphere of sportsmanship, equality, and fair play;
  • encourage and reward individual performance and initiative;
  • protect the health, safety, and well being of participants;
  • emphasize ingenuity and skill without unduly limiting the athlete’s freedom of action;
  • penalize athletes who gain an unfair advantage;
  • promote the integrity of sport and OCR as a positive cultural force in modern day society; and
  • foster the foregoing ideals through the establishment and enforcement of punitive rules.

Full USAOCR Competition Rules PDF