Obstacle course racing is the most popular and fastest growing mass participation sport in the world. Modern races have a long and rich history, capturing the spirit of humans desire to move and compete. This is being played out on the sports field and has been captured for the past 45 years on television shows around the world. Shows include:

1973 – 1982 Superstars US ABC / BBC
1976 – 1984 Battle of the Network Stars NBC, ABC, CBS

1982 - 1997 Survival of the Fittest (International)
1989 –  Gladiators (10 countries)
1989 – 2005 Raid Gauloises (International)

1995 - 1997 ESPN X-venture Race, ESPN
1995 – 2002 Eco-Challenge (International)

1996 HiTec Adventure Race Series, OLN
1997 – Sasuke / Ninja Warriors (157 countries)
1997 – Survivor and related shows (50 countries)

2015 - BattleFrog College Championship, ESPN 

2016 - American Tarzan, Discovery Channel

2016 - Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, NBC

Other TV shows: Viking, Show Jumping, Double Dare, Total Drama Island, GUTS, Wipeout, Total Wipeout, The Krryton Factor, Bury, Splatalot, World’s Strongest Man, Survival of the Fittest

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