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USA Obstacle Course Racing is a member of USA Pentathlon (USAP) and has general charge of the business affairs and activities of the organization and defines the policies to be followed in carrying out the purposes of the organization as set down in the bylaws.


Leadership is guided by the USAOCR officers and provided by the USAOCR committees and sub-commissions.


2017 Call for Nominations


USAOCR invites all parties of interest to run for position within USAOCR. All people running for election will be required to be a current member of USAOCR at the time of nomination. Membership registration will be opening in March, 2017 and nominations will open April 30, 2017 and close August 31, 2017.

We are seeking candidates of all backgrounds, who share our passion for the sport of OCR and wish to assist the National Governing Body (USAOCR) provide the resources required so that all members of the OCR community can reach their full potential. For more information about board and regional volunteer service, or the election process, please contact us at


Complete instructions and information printable PDF


USAOCR Officers


The officers of USA Obstacle Course racing shall be a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Athlete Representative and are elected from the members of the Board of Directors at the first regular meeting each calendar year.




Under ARTICLE XX of the USAOCR Bylaws, sections of the Bylaws may be amended by vote of the Officers. Any such resolution to amend the bylaws by vote of the Officers shall be posted on the USAOCR website with a prominent link from the home page for a period of not less than 30 days prior to being voted upon.

Financial Information

The USAOCR is a member of USAP and financial statements will be posted for transparency by USAP regarding the financial activities of the organization. The financial statements posted shall be two-year comparison statements that include the Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Activities and Net Changes.

Also included will be the USAP Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax. The returns are to be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service on an annual basis.

Information regarding USAP's financial reports and annual returns are available on request.


USAOCR annual elections are conducted in accordance with Article XX of USAOCR's bylaws. Details of the nomination process, candidate platforms, and other items up for vote on the ballot are documented each year.

For more detailed information regarding annual election procedures and rules, please refer to the USAOCR Bylaws or contact us.

USAOCR is a member of USAP

USAP is a member of the USOC