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USAOCR Event Sanctioning Benefits

Increased Prestige: Being sanctioned by USAOCR improves the event's public perception of an event. This lets athletes know that the event is safe, fair and efficiently produced, and provide a premium event experience. Sanctioned events can use the USAOCR event designation logo on their website and marketing.

National Rankings and Championships Qualification: USAOCR sanctioned events provide results, rankings and qualification for national championship events. This is the only way an athlete can qualify for Team USA and represent the United States at international championships in the sporting system, all the way to international multisport Games.

Liability Insurance: Most governmental entities including cities, counties, state highway departments, parks and community centers require general liability insurance for all events. The cost of a sanction is very inexpensive compared to the prices of most event insurance policies. Events that are already insured may choose to waive the insurance coverage and pay a lower sanction fee.

Sport Accident Insurance for Athletes: Any athlete who is a USAOCR member and is injured while participating in a sanctioned event will be eligible for secondary medical insurance coverage for the injury. This insurance provides valuable coverage to USAOCR members, and serves as a valuable deterrent to lawsuits.

Volunteer Event Medical Coverage (optional): This add-on insurance coverage is available to USAOCR sanctioned events to provide medical liability coverage for volunteer physicians and all other volunteer healthcare providers providing support to participants, volunteers and spectators during sanctioned events.

Event Directors Program (optional): USAOCR has collaborated with its third party risk manager to make the Event Director Program available to USAOCR event directors.  This program is not included as part of the general liability offered through the USAOCR sanction program, but compliments the program by providing additional coverage including General Liability, Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability and Physical Damage, and Inland Marine (property) coverage to event directors for their day to day business operations. This additional policy provides general liability protection for claims brought by third parties alleging bodily injury, property damage, and personal or advertising injury in connection with covered activities. This program is intended to provide coverage outside the scope of the set-up, operations, and break-down of the actual event and does not cover the actual event itself.

Calendar Promotion: Sanctioned events will be included in the USAOCR online calendar and be highlighted to distinguish them from non-sanctioned events.

Event Director Commission: The Event Director Commission provides a mechanism for Event Owners, Producers and Directors to represent their needs and knowledge for the benefit of sanctioned races, events and athletes.

Resolving Disputes: If requested, USAOCR will act as an arbiter in disputes between athletes and sanctioned events.